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Android App!


We have an Android App!

Steps to download and install:

1. To successfully install the app, since it is not in Google Play, you must open your settings app, go to Applications, and checkmark the Unknown Sources check box.
2. Download the app from here. Start the download by tapping the blue “Download” button.
3. Your phone/tablet will say “Starting download,” pull down your notifications bar, watch the app download until it says “successfully downloaded,” then tap on that notification.
4. Next, your device will prompt you to install the app or cancel, tap “install,” once installed, click open, and then the application will be successfully installed.
5. Anytime you wish to open the app, open your app launcher and tap on the EHC app icon.
6. Use the app!

Note: Our app is not available for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.